Finally! How To Ditch The Bloating, Gut Issues, And Low Energy Without Drastic Diets And Crazy Exercise Plans...

This 30-day Challenge is designed for anyone who wants to take back control of their gut health and reclaim their energy, focus, and vibrancy so they can smash their life goals without their health slowing them down anymore.

... keep pushing your health to breaking point, where you are barely surviving (definitely not thriving) ...

... work on getting your health sorted NOW so you can move forward in your life with your energy at its highest, your mental clarity on point, and your gut issues not giving you unnecessary trouble.

... natural supplements designed to maximise detox and absorption ...

... an exact, proven roadmap that can walk you through balancing your gut flora ...

... have the support to put your health first so you don't feel alone on this path ...

... discover the simple, long-term plan to reclaiming your health without the overwhelm ...


Detox Your Colon And Waste System

You will:

1. Perform a colonic at home which will begin the cleaning process.

2. Eliminate the toxins that could be causing other health issues.

3. Open the plug for a lot of other systems (like your liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system) to dump their waste.

At end of part 1, you will have done a 28-day detox treatment like a colonic at home that has kicked out parasites, candida, SIBO, heavy metals, and all the nasties so you can start with a clean gut free of toxins.

You will feel lighter in the belly, your gut discomfort will have started to ease and you will have this calmness inside that you have cleaned your system of these nasty toxins.

What Is Included In Part 1:


This product pack contains Our Internal Cleanse and Fibre Shred supplements which is designed to clean out heavy metals, parasites, candida, and small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) that cause the majority of people’s bloating and then replenishes your gut with good bacteria and makes sure that you are feeding them. PLUS your own branded “LEVEL'd UP” Shaker to create your gut-clean magic.


45 days access to all the videos with daily steps for you to complete over the 30 Day “Internal Shred” challenge. These bite-sized daily videos help keep you motivated as you take your first steps to expel your toxic and parasitic load. We know that some people have cooperative parasites, and they exit the system quickly while others who have years of built-up slimy sludge can take a bit longer. For this reason, we give you access to the “Level Up Hub” For seven days past the challenge time.


Repopulate Your Gut

You will:

1. Put in the good bacteria that once again balance your gut for optimum health.

2. Feed the good bacteria so they thrive in their new environment.

3. Begin to recreate the healthy gut-brain connection pathway once again.

At end of part 2, you will have not only re-introduced the good bacteria that are needed for optimum gut health but also given them the best chance of survival by feeding them the best food possible. It is after the completion of this phase that you will begin to feel at your peak.

You will feel excited and alert as your mind clarity switches back on and you ditch the brain fog. Any mood swings will begin to become a thing of the past and you will start to feel like your sexy self again.

What Is Included In Part 2:


This product pack includes your probiotic and gut food so you can start to populate the good bacteria in your again after the bad has been stripped out over the first 28 days.


Energise Yourself

You will:

1. Have short daily energy booster audios to help you reclaim your mojo

2. Love how simple reclaiming your health and energy can be

3. Understand how to keep your vibe high so you can smash even the hardest goals.

At end of part 3, you will have strategies to help you keep your vibes and energy high so you can continue your healthy habits as you exit the challenge, no matter how busy you are. You will be tapping into the power of psychology to add to the physical health adjustments that you are making over the 30 days with us.

You will feel like you have the energy and excitement to be able to take on whatever the day throws at you with a renewed sense of clarity and confidence. Say goodbye to the low days as you use these simple tools to boost your mood any time of the day.

What Is Included In Part 3:


This simple yet POWERFUL meditation when done daily with the 30-day challenge helps to clear the excess lymphatic fluid that may be sitting in your system and causing bloating and swelling which is killing your energy.


These short videos can be played in your morning so you can start your day with power and at any time that you are needing a pick me up when life hits you upside the head. They are designed to get your mindset back on track so you can keep running forward in your healthiest self.


Align Your Habits

You will:

1. have simple food guidelines and examples to help with your nutrition.

2. know the simple exercises that you can do to grow your strength and fitness.

3. the ways you can work smarter not harder to reach your health goals.

At end of part 4, you will have simple daily habits that don't take a ton of time daily. Ones that you can implement not only during the challenge but long after you leave and embark on your new life as your healthiest you.

You will feel capable and excited to be able to implement small changes daily in your diet and exercise plans that you will be able to stick to over the long term or until you are ready to step up to your next level.

What Is Included In Part 4:


This powerhouse eBook has been designed to not only go further in-depth on what we have cover each day during the challenge but also gives you daily tips and checklists to help you create simple healthy habits moving forward.


Master Mindset

You will:

1. Have daily quick tasks to make your health a priority.

2. Overcome the excuses or reasons for quitting on your health in the past.

3. Have the unshakeable mindset that you are powerful and your health matters.

At end of part 5, you will have an unshakable belief in yourself and your ability to be the healthiest version of yourself possible. Someone who is committed to smashing their life goals and living their happiest life. You will have simple hacks and tools to be the most powerful that you can be.

You will feel confident to step out into the world, loving who you are and who you are on the path to becoming. There will be an internal belief that you can be your version of your healthiest self and that you no longer need to fall into the latest fad diet or plan.

What Is Included In Part 5:


We know that for some this will be a genuine challenge as mindset issues kick in. Sometimes the bacteria and nasties don't want to exit in a nice way. For this reason, we created daily emails with mindset and motivation to remind you to keep pushing through on the hardest days. We have also included daily journal prompts to help you stay the course.


We have created a Facebook group where we and others in the challenge are with you so you never feel alone during this challenge. This is your support hub and you can come in at any time to get your questions answered or to have your butt kicked if you are having a rough day and want to quit.

45 Days Access To Level Up Content Hub

Detox & Repopulate Product Packs

Mindset Masterclass

Level Up Book

Vibe Boosters

“Skull It” Club on Facebook

Lymphatic Breath Meditation

Normally $500 but just $435 Today

  • You want to reclaim your vibrant energy.
  • You are not happy with your health and weight.
  • You want to get your body confidence back.
  • You want to sleep better.
  • You want to balance your hormones.
  • You want to get your cravings in check.
  • You have BIG goals in your training and want better results.
  • You know that health is wealth.
  • You want a sustainable, easy long-term health plan.
  • You are committed to sorting your health NOW.
  • You are willing to invest in your health.
  • You care about having a healthy gut.
  • You are ready to go ALL in on this.
  • You are willing to find 10 minutes a day to complete the activities I have designed.

...Bottom line, ANYONE whose health is holding them back and wants to be their happiest, healthiest self to smash their goals!

Experience The Wins For Yourself

Don't just take it from me...

Here's what past shredders have said:


We know as business owners you are already in decision overwhelm. This is why we stripped the fluff and went back to the basics so this process is as simple as possible. No hours of videos, hours of exercise or long shopping lists, everything is designed to be easy.


Designed for busy business owners who are on the run and want to heal and balance their gut in under 20 minutes a day without strenuous workouts or crazy meal plans. All resources that you need to be successful are included in this challenge so you can win.


Be guided and supported by accredited colon hydrotherapist Anna Tim who draws from over 5 years of experience running a successful clinic in Brisbane Australia. 1,000's of clients have attended her clinic and reached out to her for gut support.


So many programs send you supplements and give you access to a course area but then you are on your own to get the results. You struggle or have questions and there is no one. We are there with you for support and to be your cheerleader throughout the challenge.

One Payment of


(Best Value)

One Full Payment Only

Two Payments of


Payment 2 due 14 days later


Anna Tim

I would like to share with you what I learned that saved my life and my health. I want you to have unlimited energy and vitality so YOU can change the world in whatever way you feel inspired too. To do that you need your health and an abundance of physical energy!

I felt like I had fallen through the cracks! My general practitioner is a lovely man but after years of trying to heal me from various illnesses sparked by dengue fever, he said “I think you have depression and I want you to go on anti-depressants for a minimum of 10 weeks.”

I was desperate… I just wanted to be well. After spending thousands of dollars on so many different treatments, doctors, and supplements. I felt so hopeless and had lost myself but I continued to search. I knew that it wasn’t all in my head.

Then I found out about clearing our elimination organs, especially the colon. I never knew how much toxic crap was storing in my system that was depleting my immunity and making my health susceptible to a barrage of symptoms that escalated into illnesses after being left to fester.

With this knowledge, you too will know how to become a “Healthy Superhero” where lack of energy will no longer slow you down. You will know how you can take back control of your health so that you can change the world in the way you want too.

More importantly, you will be able to get rid of the brain fog, lack of focus and the health issues that may be slowing you down, in a holistic way. You will feel like you can take on the world and like you are no longer “falling through the cracks”.

I am not physically fit, will this matter?

The core components of this program are designed to suit any fitness level. With the extra resources such as simple daily exercise video, just do your best, it is not about perfection. You will get fitter and stronger as your gut begins to heal and you bring movement back in.

What kind of results for people get?

Results vary greatly from individual to individual based on their current health and their adhesion to the protocol we set. Those that have taken the Internal Shred Challenge in the past have reported fewer gut issues, improved digestion, increased mental clarity, weight loss, sugar cravings vanishing, and skin conditions and breakouts reducing. Plus they are sleeping sounder, make better health decisions, are more energetic and have better moods.

How much work will this require? I’m a busy!

We have aimed that the core components of this program take under 10 minutes a day. Some people chose to do the extra resources that we provide such as journal prompts and simple exercises but the additional extras are at your discretion.

I don't really have many gut issues, should I still take this challenge?

Like many viruses and I was some people may have a gut imbalance but they are not showing major symptoms of it in their health yet. We recommend if you haven't done a bacteria, candida, parasite, and heavy metal detox in the past 6 months that you complete the challenge. Every day we are exposed to toxins in our environment and food. You may not feel sick at this stage but prevention is better than a cure and you don't want to hit the day like I did when it all hit me and I was smashed into the ground.

Do I have to give up coffee/tea/alcohol during my program?

We do recommend having a break from alcohol if you currently drink as it is inflammatory. Doing a 30-day detox program like this one can be a great opportunity to re-align with healthier habits if you've found yourself over-indulging recently.

You are still be able to enjoy coffee or tea but we recommend reducing sugar (ideally cutting it out all together) to give your body the chance to detox fully. Herbal teas, sparkling water can be used.

What will the supplements taste like? Will they be awful?

We do our very best to give you ideas on how to make it taste better so it is easier to taste. Natural does mean that the additives and chemicals that give the flavour are not in our products. For some people, the bacteria can react and it will have a bitter taste but as you get further into the program and cleanse more the taste is not as yucky. You can mix it with our Lipospheric Vitamin c which has an orangy taste and makes it more platable. Please just let us know if you would like this product as well.

Can I do the program whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

We do not allow pregnant women or those breast feeding to participate in the program as they have different health and wellbeing needs for themselves and their babies during this time. You can speak to Anna Tim to discuss specifically what you can do during this period to detox.

Will I be told to stop taking my pharmaceutical medications?

We will never advise you to stop taking prescribed medications and will not interfere with any medical recommendations. We suggest that you talk to your gp and any relevant health specialists specific to your medical conditions about this program prior to starting. We will work with you wherever possible to make your detox ass safe as possible so it can work alongside any medications you are taking. we suggest taking the products 2 hours away from any other medications.

What if I want to keep access to the challenge?

We have an alumni rate that allows past attendees of the Internal Shred Challenge to buy program access for a year or another 45 days. You will be emailed details prior to your current membership ending. You will also receive a 15% discount for any supplements in our range as a challenge alumni.

I'm someone who needs accountability and support to show up for myself. Will that be offered?

We completely understand this! Every week there is a group celebration and accountability session where we will be live with you to get your questions answered. We are also in the Whatsapp chat every day reminding you of your mission with this challenge. On top of this you will receive a daily email with a mindset hack, journal prompt and little video to help you keep on track.

What if I can't make any live group sessions?

All calls are recorded and will be placed in the Level Up Hub. You will have access to these replays for the duration of your challenge.


Are You Ready To Ditch The Low Energy That Is Holding You Back In Your Business And Life So You Can Get Back To Living The Vibrant, Healthy Life Of Your Dreams?

Ok, this is it, we are now at the end. It is time to make a decision to change your life. If you are struggling with your energy and health, and you know your goals and dreams need you to have energy to burn in order to make it happen, how long will you wait to do something about it? If this program resonates with you and you know that you want to get your health back on track and get control of your energy, now is the time to do it.

What have you got to lose?

What if this worked for you too?

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